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St. Nicholas, Father Christmas, or Santa Claus is the weirdest Christmas tradition ever, but he is so well known and so well documented that his origins are beyond.Many cultures around the world have Christmas traditions and myths to make the season magical for kids.Strange Christmas traditions from around the world. a Chrismas day tradition for single women to.You could be eating kiviak — aka auks fermented inside a dead seal.Not everyone celebrates the holidays with turkey and cranberries.Maybe the strangest Christmas tradition of all derives from Spain.

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A Calendar of the most unusual customs and traditions of Britain, some of which may seem strange, funny and even mad to visitors to our country.

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At Love Home Swap we went away and researched festive celebrations around the world - here are some of the most unusual traditions from deep-fried.

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There are some very weird Christmas traditions around the globe, like the one above from Germany.Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

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Portuguese Christmas Traditions Christmas...Even though we at Merco Local love all things local, we occasionally like to venture outside Salt Lake City and.Cultures are strange things, and they bring with them strange traditions.

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Statuettes of well-known people defecating are a strong Christmas tradition in.The Heroes Alliance know that the weirdest of the weird come on Christmas-- France: Revolution.

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You might think yours are a little odd, but wait until you see these unusual holiday customs.

6 Strange Christmas Traditions From Around the World

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It goes without question that Christmas is one of the most highly celebrated holidays world-wide.

Ruled a legal holiday in 1894, Christmas has had its fair share of strange traditions.Whether you and your family wear matching Christmas pajamas or have a cookie.Enjoying Christmas traditions with family is a must every year although not all families do things the same.

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Weird Christmas Traditions. 1. Cobwebs for Christmas (Ukraine) In the Ukraine there is a tradition of decorating your Christmas tree with artificial cobwebs.

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Do you ever think your family has strange traditions when it comes to the holidays.From poop logs to burning goats, buckets of KFC to declarations of war, here are some bizarre Christmas traditions from around the world.

Weird Christmas Traditions around the World. Here is a little selection of some rather strange Christmas traditions.

Strangest Christmas Traditions from Around the World

Weird and wonderful Christmas traditions from around the world.

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Christmas Traditions: Britain vs. America. Anglophenia. The extravagant Christmas decorations you may have seen in films like Home Alone are real,.

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Strange christmas traditions Austria Spain, Portugal and Italy The Caganer is a figurine, traditionally of a man, in the act of defecating.