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How To Congratulate Someone in Irish: Comhghairdeas leat, a Katie,.

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And I would like to know how to say Happy Anniversary in Irish. what words do I use to say that in the Irish Gaelic. (Congratulations on this.

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How to say Grandmother in Dutch. Irish: Italian: Japanese: Korean: Latvian: Lithuanian: Macedonian: Malay: Maltese: Norwegian: Persian: Polish: Portuguese.

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Original language: English Translation that you can say: bhean. Add note.

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How to write and say Congratulations in many languages. congratulations: ESPERANTO: gratulojn: ESTONIAN:.Some of the best and most culturally rich Irish is to be found in the old Irish proverbs.

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In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. Meaning:.

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This site offers you a chance to hear Irish. if we may say so.Irish Quotations, Irish Blessings Irish Proverbs and Irish Toasts.

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